Team Approach

What is the Team Approach?

The Team Approach is an interdisciplinary model and involves engaging one or more other professionals in the collaborative process to directly address the needs of the family involved. In the Team Approach, not only are two collaboratively trained lawyers retained by the parties, but also a collaboratively trained mental health professional (also known as the communication facilitator or consultant) may be retained, a collaboratively trained financial professional may be retained, and any other professional the parties deem helpful in assisting them may be retained. The mental health professional and the financial professional are usually engaged as neutral team members who attend each of the meetings and work with the clients outside the full team meetings, as well.

The basic theory behind the Team Approach is that since every divorce client has emotional, financial, and legal components, the interdisciplinary approach brings to the table expertise in all three areas.

Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers, whose members are located in Dallas and Collin Counties.

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