Experience/Training of Collaborative Lawyers

The average number of years of practice of our members is over 27 years. Our practice group quickly took the lead in promoting this new model across Texas, and became a leader in the field outside of Texas. Our members are frequent speakers and trainers in the field, and have served in leadership roles at the state level with the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, and have taught Collaborative Law internationally. One of our founding members has written the only book on Collaborative Law in Texas, "Divorce Without Disaster."

"In Collaborative Law, the parties want to custom-craft their divorce to fit their needs and desires. They do not want to be held to the arbitrary deadlines of the court, the attorneys, or the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. They want the privacy afforded only to parties who work outside the litigation system. In short, they want the opposite of ëone size fits all.íî
– Janet Brumley

Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers, whose members are located in Dallas and Collin Counties.

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