How DACP Formed

The Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers was founded in February 2000, and was the first Collaborative Law Practice Group formed in the Texas. Our founding member, John McShane, considered by many of his colleagues to be a visionary, brought this new model to Texas, along with Larry Hance. The original members were among the top family lawyers in Dallas, and they came together to learn, practice, and develop skills and processes to help divorcing individuals avoid the emotional pain and financial cost that was associated with the traditional litigation model. After years of experiencing the destruction fostered by the adversarial process, we are excited to find a way that truly helps clients going through changing relationships.

"Most matrimonial lawyers measure success by who won, and for how much. This is different. Success is a resolution that works for both parties."
New York Times (05/20/2004)

Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers, whose members are located in Dallas and Collin Counties.

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